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Useful Mushroom Websites

The internet offers incredible resources and equally incredible amounts of misinformation.  Here are a few of the best that there is, which we encourage you to explore and use.  is funny and geared towards beginners is fun, geared towards the northeast and has an awesome cooking section.

Kathie Hodge’s Cornell Mushroom Blog  funny, idiosyncratic and scientific — all at the same time.

• We all use Michael Kuo’s

Tom Volk’s Fungi is more idiosyncratic and more selective, but equally authoritative:  Wild About Mushrooms is an entire cookbook on the website of the Mycological Society of San Francisco. These recipes are basic and a little old fashioned (still useful but note that since it’s west coast it ignores some of our species like black trumpets); for a trendier approach and a lot of good info on many many species, try:

• It’s always good to see what our sister clubs are doing and the Washington, DC club is extraordinarily generous and making all of their recorded programs available on their website. Explore; you’ll find riches!

Photo by Anita A.
Photo by Anita A.

Especially for more experienced members

Harvard regularly holds Symposia on Plant Biology. In 2021 that Symposium was dedicated to plant-fungal relations, and talks were recorded and are posted at:

• If you’ve graduated from all of this, and want to contribute to mycology as a citizen scientist, go to:

Fauna/Flora/Funga website