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Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook by Eugenia Bone

There are an amazing number of mushroom cookbooks out there. But if you’re going to buy one, the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook edited by Eugenia Bone is the one. It’s gorgeous, every recipe has been tested & Eugenia’s written essays on fungi which are included.

Wild About Mushrooms – an entire cookbook on the website of the Mycological Society of San Francisco. These recipes are basic and a little old fashioned (still useful but note that since it’s west coast it ignores some of our species like black trumpets).

For a trendier approach and a lot of good info on recipes and handling tips for many many species, try: Because Alan Bergo is really a chef, many of the recipes are pretty elaborate. However, they’re full of useful and unexpected ideas for how to treat different species and an incredible free resource. (He does wild plants and meats as well.)

A very different chef – Chad Hyatt – shared some of his mushroom recipes with the BMC when he gave us a presentation in November of 2020.

Chad’s recipes are original and within the skill set of most of us. Please note that these recipes are the property of Chad Hyatt and are adapted from his book, The Mushroom Hunter’s Kitchen  They are for BMC members only – do not publish or share these online or in print without express written permission from Chad.

Black Trumpet Jam

Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup