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Poisonings are rare but they do occur. If you suspect poisoning, call the Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention, located in Boston Children’s Hospital at: 617-355-6607.
Most “poisonings” are digestive upsets caused by toxic (but not deadly), raw or spoiled mushrooms or species that you may be sensitive to.  To simplify the work of the experts at poison control, keep a sample of any new species in the refrigerator.Even a sample of cooked. or consumed and vomited material is useful since most identifications are from spores which survive being cooked and eaten.  Treatment depends upon accurate identification of the species.
If your child has eaten what you think might be a poisonous mushroom, call 800-222-1222.
If you’d like to know more about recent mushroom poisonings in our region,go to Greg Marley’s April 15th, 2022 talk(members only).